1901 Census

Updated 24th March 2007

I have images covering 362 people, over half as many again as in 1881.

By this time no doubt  a few had emigrated but as there are a fair number of discrepancies between the census and BMD registrations I am not confident  they have all been found.  I think that one family indexed as Gidman, in Hertfordshire, was in fact called Godman because the GRO indexes have that spelling.  Conversely  I have found Gedman, Sedman, Gidmon and Gibman who are really Gidman.   I am not surprised by these discrepancies; from looking at  the  images I realise just how difficult it can be to get a transcription right.  In fact if the 1891 Lancashire pages are anything to go by, some of them are quite impossible to decipher. 
I have found two who are almost certainly duplicated, being both with their parents and in lodgings.

Apart from the growth in the number of families to over 70, perhaps the most significant change since 1881 is the number of individuals living away from the family home, 41 of them.  The movement from the County of birth to the County in which they were at census time is more marked than hitherto but generally people do still  live in the same region:  Only one, Mary 73, still lives in Shropshire.

The  1901 population by counties is now as follows:-







10 other counties


A link to most of the addresses is at the end of this page.

Age distribution is:-

70 & over


60 - 69


50 -59


30 - 49


20 - 29


Under 20


91 were 10 and under, a quarter of the total.


177 are female and only a few of the Wives give an occupation outside the home; of the 50 or so in paid employment, most  are in the textile industry or domestic service, although there is a cigar maker and a cigarette factory worker.  There were a couple of nurses, one of whom had been in California USA and in fact most of her family went to New Jersey later although the widowed mother returned to England.  The youngest is Sarah, a 12 year old cotton weaver.

184 are male and everyone aged 14 and over has an occupation, 115 of them.  Only five are in agriculture, most of the rest in a variety of industries notably Coal and Iron.  There is one soldier, George, staying with his married sister Olive ATCHERLEY in Altrincham, and one 28 year old policeman in Hough Green, Enoch who went on to live into his nineties.

Joseph had his mineral water business [see the Knutsford page] and two were brewers coopers.   

My grandfather at 31 was an “insurance clerk and Wesleyan local minister”. His brother was a bookkeeper and their father was now a commercial traveller aged 67.  There were only  a couple of other clerical workers.

George Henry, my grandfather

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