Gidman One Name study

Additions and amendments 5th May 2013

To everyone with the surname Gidman
or who has the name in their family in the past.

Please Email
if you have an interest in the genealogy associated with the name.
The address is through my membership of The Guild of One-Name Studies

I am Trevor Gidman, born in Cheshire, living in Sussex, England with my wife Mae who was born in Scotland.  This is a hobby for my retirement and I shall be happy to enter into correspondence in relation to your own branch and to look for answers to questions about other branches.

When I make a material change to a web page I shall put the date at the top of that page.
The latest is a clarification of a marriage in Sweden on “Where they lived”.

I now have the name back to the reign of Henry 1V - see Our Name page.

I have all the pages for the decennial censuses from 1841 through to 1911 but a few families are not in one or another of them; a number have been found incorrectly transcribed and there may be more.

My database now includes all England and Wales and Scotland registrations up to the latest computer records available to the public:

From 1837 as follows:
Births to 2005  numbering 1,643 - Girls 785 and boys 858.
I have a few children born between the 1901 census and 3rd qtr 1911 for whom I cannot compile a line, nor for their descendants, unless I am given the mother’s maiden surname or the 1911 census family.
If any one has certificates covering this period I shall be glad to receive the details shown on them; I should then be able to return a tree of the branch concerned if requested.

Marriages to 2005 of which there are 1282 including second marriages.  Some spouse surnames are on the Marriages page.   Please ask if you want to know who was married, when and where.

Deaths to 2004 totalling 1146. See analysis on the Deaths page.

Events prior to 1837 have been culled from various sources such as the IGI and Parish Registers but obviously these are incomplete.  Currently there are about 500 births and 200 marriages.

My father was a crown bearer in about 1914 and below is Ellen [“Nellie”] in 1893 as the May Queen in Knutsford, Cheshire. There is no real royalty nor any landed gentry that I have found.  From the 16th Century our ancestors were sons of the soil, coal and iron in England.


Her Crown is now in Knutsford Heritage Centre

I have an extensive database of people with our name. Some details, not yet linked to specific branches, are as early as 1576.
In the main, I can make from links about 1780 to 1901 and later .
I may have information about your relations to pass on and I would like to add any facts given by you. Since opening these pages I have had contact with GIDMANs in all parts of England, the Isle of Man, France, Sweden, Germany, Canada, the USA [East to West] New Zealand and Australia.  We have had the great pleasure of meeting a family in Connecticut directly descended from Henry 1810 - see his page below.


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