Cheshire Wills

I have obtained copies of nine Wills and the persons named in them are:

Newbould Astbury

29th Jan. 1705 Thomas [died 1707] saddlemaker.

    Wife: Ann.  Thomas my son.   My youngest son Joshua Gidman. My daughter Sarah’s children.

    John Mayre my son-in-law and his wife.John Oakes my son-in-law and Anne his now wife, & theire children.

    My grandchild Hannah MALKIN.Rich[ar]d CLOWES & his wife

11 June 1717 Anne [died 1721]

    Thomas my sonne.  My son Josua. John OAKES and his wife my daughter. Richard CLOWES and Katherine {?} his wife my daughter.

    John WEARE and his wife my daughter.  Joseph GIDMAN my grandchild. Hugh GIDMAN my grandchild.

28th April 1729 Thomas [died 1729]

    My loving wife Mary. Additional Exor Thomas BEECH of Newton Whitton.

25th October 1735 Mary [died 1735]

    My late husband Thomas Will of 28th April 1729.   Her nephews, distinguished from Thomas’ relations:

    Thomas BROWNSWORD of Eaton.   Philip WALKER of Cranage [?].

    William WALKER of Kinderton.   Peter YARWOOD  husband of niece Martha.

9th Feb 1802 Joshua [died 1805]

    My second wife Ann. My eldest son Joshua.   Four sons Daniel,  Hugh, Henry and Joseph

    My youngest daughter Lucey BEARD  My late daughter Sarah CARTERs two youngest daughters

    My late daughter Maray LOMNAX two daughters.

    Joint Exors  Joseph of Boulton in the county of Lankeshire John SHRIGLEY of  Newbould Astbury.


9th July 1853 Thomas [died 13th March 1853] Intestate Admon

Widow Elizabeth

Also named in the Bond were William WAYTE Auctioneer 8 Brook St Macclesfield & William RIGBY Tanner of Crompton Road Macclesfield

Church Minshull

13th May 1854 Joshua [died 1857]

    My wife Sarah.  Mary my youngest child.  My son John and Ann [sic].

    William YOXALL of Church Minshull executor.  Witnesses Samuel YOXALL & Edward YOXALL.


12th March 1858 Thomas [died 31st August 1859]

    My dear wife Elizabeth.  My son Edward. My daughter Elizabeth.  My two daughters in law Elizabeth and Mary.

    My four children Edward Jones GIDMAN, Peter Lewis GIDMAN, Ann MOORS, and Elizabeth FRYER.


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